Life After Marriage!

Life after marriage! Sounds so romantic but its not that much…
The surprising,challenging and sometimes hard truth we all face after marriage and teach us what really love is.


Romantic moments of fairy tales is what actually marriage life is? If it was easy they’d call the whole damn thing a honeymoon.
Tying the knot together is the combinations of many sacrifices even sacrificing of being yourself.You have to think with the spouse’s mind and see the world with his eyes.
But believe me it feel so beautiful together finding someone with pure love for you and protecting you from the black side of the world and holding a bank account in your hand.
With marriage life providing so much opportunity to annoy your spouse.What do women do to annoy?? Shopping obsessed,non stop dramas,hanging with the loudest chatter box.
At first,it seems why we should get married but then found the beauty of shining together.
So find your mate and get married as soon as possible. 😉
Content Credits : Mrs. Bilal Damani