Metronome – a world of all interesting stuff you need daily!


Want to stay updated to world of entertainment, arts, music, lifestyle, fashion or simply everything interesting happening around the world?

Well we have a solution. Coque iPhone X personnalisée No this isn’t us. Achetez pas cher Coque personnalisée Its Metronome (fb @Metronomee). A creative initiative started by Danial Qureshi.

He is the master mind of Metronome. An engineer studying commercial art at the moment. Coque personnalisée He is responsible for all the new stuff/updates relating art, film, entertainment while covering most of the events by himself. Coque Samsung personnalisée He has worked as an entertainment journalist for various publications of Pakistan.

A very few people are able to live the way they want or can do what they really love. Coque Huawei personnalisée He is one of them. His effort and innovative way is really appreciable.

While talking about his facebook page Metronome, it’s a complete platform for fun stuff. We all want some new and interesting stuff that could boost up our day. Metronome posts news relating every interesting events around the world with details, also about lifestyle/true stories happening every day.

Once you enter the world of Metronome, its never coming back again because it has never ending amazing stuff.

An easy approachable and all in one package to stay updated.