Give yourself a chance!



Noor ul Ain Noori

Read the title again. —– did you?

Actually we think a lot before taking any step, even in small thing in our life. I’m not talking against all that but why don’t we like to take risk!

We can grow and learn to be mature in life via trial and error only. It is psychologically proven and practically demonstrable as well. So, try it, just try it! And let the things roll. This is the only way for us to move ahead.

The purpose is to express our qualities, our talent. For example if someone is writing an article, he or she should make up his or her mind for first.

Secondly, there is the need for mastery of the subject. For example, if we are writing an article, we should have solid grip on the topic, and be able to express ourselves in a friendly, engaging manner. And, it should be neither too long, nor too short – just the right length to say what we actually want to say.

Writing may or may not be a hard job but it is a job that discovers you!

Writing or any other pursuit of your choice is a way to give yourself a chance. If you remain focused on your ideas, and keep an eye on how they pan out, the rewards will come to you. Perhaps not immediately, but they will.