Judo-Karate demonstrations in Ashgabat


Ashgabat, 7 November 2016 (nCa) — In back to back events on Saturday and Sunday, the embassy of Japan in Ashgabat organized demonstrations of Judo and Karate-Shotokan.

Harukuni SHIMOYAMA, Shota KAWAHARA, Hiroaki KANDA and Katsushiko Kashiwazaki gave the demonstrations of Judo.

The Karate-Shotokan demonstrations were given by Masaaki YOKOMICHI, Ken NISHIKI, Takeshi SONOHARA and Makita TAKUYA.

The Japan Foundation, the state committee for sports of Turkmenistan, the Turkmenistan National Karatedo Federation, and Judo Federation of Turkmenistan were cosponsors.

Here are some pictures from the twin events:

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