Coke Studio – Pakistan


Coke Studio – A Pakistani music T.V series featuring live studio-recorded music performances by different artists, some famous and some upcoming and less mainstream artists.

Started under the production of Pakistani producer Rohail Hayat until season 6 , now being produced by Pakistani band Strings, sponsored by Coca Cola Pakistan.

The show provide a platform to various artists focusing on the revival of positive influence of music in Pakistan.

Music/Songs include Folk, Qawwali, Eastern Classical, Bhangra, Sufi and contemporary Hip Hop, Rock and Pop music.

Show is very popular throughout the country and abroad. It is broadcast by many television channels and also by radio channels.

Video and Audio versions of each episode is available over the internet.

The show first started in Brazil and then in Pakistan. It became so popular that it now have franchise in many countries in the world promoting local music culture.


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