Color Therapy!

Color therapy or light therapy, is also known as Chromotherapy. Color therapy is an astonishing alternative of medicines for health maintenance whether physical or mental.
It is known to every one that color(light) enters through our eyes, but it also enters into body through skin and effecting different parts of the body positively.
This therapy is a part of ancient cultures of India, China and Egypt. It is basically spectrum of light, each color having its special effects, energy and wavelengths.
Colors have an important impact on a person’s personality. Liking and disliking a color shows what type of a person’s mind is. Just as colors effects moods and even well being or illness.
Colors should be chosen wisely over everything. Our rooms, dresses, furniture and food etc, everything effects us with the color.
Color therapy is done with tools and equipment. Mostly it is verbally recommended to the patients to use certain color around them.
There are many specialists, books and online help available to guide about colors, their uses and their effects.
The charts below show some colors and their effects.




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