Kashmir Conflict – The forgotten conflict


The conflict over Kashmir between India and Pakistan started just after separation till today. India and Pakistan have fought three major wars over Kashmir.

As these two countries will be celebrating their 69th independence day soon, no one will think about Kashmir.

Kashmir is known as “Heaven on Earth” but it is hell for its people without independence.

People of Kashmir are being victims of brutality of Indian armed force as India want Kashmir under its control. And no one from this whole world cares. Coque Huawei personnalisée Innocent people are sacrificing their lives while fighting for their basic rights.

Atleast the world should take stand in the name of humanity. No human nor even animals should be treated so brutally. Everyone deserves to live life freely and peacefully.

Talking about Kashmir, arises many question in my mind. Why can’t this conflict be settle in all these years? Why the world is not even talking to take stand?

If its India thinking that they will never let Kashmir be part of Pakistan, then I suggest lets we both leave Kashmir alone. Coque iPhone X personnalisée Let Kashmir be independent on its own. Let people of Kashmir live in peace as we are living in our separated independent countries.

We all should stand for Kashmir. coque de téléphone pas cher Speak for Kashmir. Write for Kashmir. Coque Samsung personnalisée We all can try in our own ways. Stand up for something, even its standing all alone.

Lets share stories of Kashmir but do not share those graphic images as its not appropriate to do so.

Free Kashmir.